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Underrated Indie artists/bands (A sampler list)

The power of music
The power of music

Indie music


Over the past year or so, I've written about many indie music artists/bands, but of course, it's never enough. After sifting through thousands of artists, only a small percentage ever gets written about. It's become a bit of a double edged sword, as essentially the more I write, the more music is sent to me. Don't get me wrong, with a larger profile, come more expectations, which can be a big challenge.

Nowadays, I'm sent a lot of stuff from indie labels, websites, publicity reps, friends, and indie artists themselves. It's a bit overwhelming because in the beginning, I would find indie artists to write about, from magazines, newspapers, and searching online for anything that tickled my ears.

So basically, for every artist/band I write about, there are at least 10 that I don't write about because lack of time (a solo writer can only do so much). In many ways, that why larger music websites can cover more "of the beat" since they have more writers writing. So, I'm not really concerned about keeping up with the other websites, but remaining true to myself, and writing about who I like and want, to write about.

So I've compiled a list of many indie artists that I think are worth listening to (from the last few months), that I haven't had a chance, to sit down and write about yet. Check them out and listen to their music from the links below. Enjoy!

P.S. The artists are from a mix of genres, and basically struck a chord me that made me want to listen to their music, over and over again. ~Jason

Recommended Indie Music Artists/Bands

Jack Miz

Modern Superstitions

Booka Shade

Sylvia Bennett

Boxer The Horse

Clara Engel


Sweet Thing

Meligrove Band

Jennifer LFO

Megan Bonnell

Whale Tooth

The Schomberg Fair

Leif Vollebekk

Empire ISIS

First Rate People

Leah West

ACOUSTIC GUITAR - singer/songwriter
Dave Borins -
Abigail Lapell -
Kathryn Rose -
Dawn Lawnstroth -
Emilie Mover -
Matthew Barber -
Alright Alright -
Andrew Vincent -

Jadea Kelly -
The Balconies -
Vaness Allegacy -

PIANO - singer/songwriter
Darrelle London -

JAZZ - standards/classical
Laila Biali -
Larra Skye -
Sarena Paton -
Stephanie Braganza -


  • jackie 5 years ago

    clara engel is one of my favorite songwriters. her voice is unforgettable, goes right through you. and a shamanistic performer. don't miss her if she's playing in your town.

  • Profile picture of mezzo
    mezzo 5 years ago

    Catch Clara live when you can, or buy some of her music in high quality download for an intense and moving listening experience. She's one of a kind.

  • Dave Borins 5 years ago

    Jason, thanks for including my band in this list, keep up the good fight!


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    You guys missed the band Loon Choir.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Check out!! Awesome lyrics! Great tunes! Love him!

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