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‘Under the Dome’ recap: ‘Heads will Roll’ and bodies will fall

Stephen King
Stephen King

Under the Dome


The residents of Chester’s Mill are back to give us a view of their trapped lives. Barbie is about to be hanged but there is a strange sound in the air and it’s literally causing people to drop like flies. Something else is happening also. The dome has turned into some sort of magnetic force. Nails, knives, cars and even the kitchen sinks are flying through the air and sticking to the dome. And for some reason, only the McAllister house comes crumbling down.

Barbie’s life is spared but Linda is not so lucky. Due to the dome pulling everything toward it like a moth to a flame, Linda gets crushed by a flying SUV.

At the same time, Julia is out saving a girl who appeared from out of nowhere and is drowning in the lake. No one knows who she is. Another stranger who lives nearby takes in Julia and the mystery girl until they are on the mend. He changes Julia’s bandages and she soon leaves. The girl dips without warning or notice also.

Objects continue to soar and town folk continue to fall like a bunch of anemic human beings. Even Big Jim can’t keep a gun from flying out of his hands. Trapped down in his cellar, Big Jim has a visitation, a haunting from Dodie who drops by like she’s the ghost of Christmas past or something. Dodie tries to lay a heavy guilt trip on the guy but he brushes her off and suggests that she stays dead. It’s not until the recently departed Linda arrives to coerce him into sacrificing up his life that we see Big Jim have a change of heart.

However, Julia also shows up and slices the noose he slipped around his neck and declares that the dome does not want them to kill Big Jim. It wants them to stop killing period.

The special treat of the hour came by way of a cameo appearance by none other than Stephen King himself, enjoying a cup of coffee at the diner. Aside from his books, King is known for sneaking in those cameos. And the new mystery man in town happens to be Junior’s Uncle Sam.

The episode ended with more mystery and another shocker. Who is this mystery girl roaming around the streets of Chester’s Mill? And is Junior’s mother really dead? Sadly, curiosity killed the cat and Angie too.

Watch "Under the Dome" on Monday’s at 10:00 PM on CBS.