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'Under Capricorn' DVD Review

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'Under Capricorn'


Australia in the 1830's found anyone that was trying to hind their past the place to be. The first residents were prisoners being shipped from jolly ole England. In 1831, young Charles Adare (Peter Cousens) was coming to make a fortune. Now being the cousin of the Governor you would think to be a plus. Now this young man wanted to make his fortune fast and if say a man like Samson Flusky (John Hallman) plops down a thousand pounds and a small commission to do something, then you take it.

You see Flusky's wife is an alcoholic and is an embarrassment to him. He hoped that Adare being the gentleman that he was, could possibly help his wife. Henrietta Flusky (Lisa Harrow) not only had a drinking problem she also had very dark moods that would make her do some pretty weird stuff. Say like coming down to company half naked or any of other things that would make her husband cringe.

At first it was a job just getting her to stop drinking and it wasn't until it was found out that the head maid was putting the bottles in her bedroom that Adare finally was able to make some headway. The problem with this area of New South Wales was that everybody was walking around with some sort of past that they wanted to keep hidden. The upper and lower gentry atmosphere that these people were used to didn't actually exist here. Most gentlemen types were laughed at. The story is intriguing and keeps you interested throughout.

Once again Acorn Entertainment brings us another of the wonderful British mysteries for us to include in our libraries. The release date is February 25,2014 and the quality of the DVD is beyond reproach. The quality of sound and visual is beautiful throughout the DVD.

Enjoy the period of the new days of a distant land. Australia was a world away and the norms that the people were accustomed to no longer existed. The British learned that Australia was a rough and open land. They soon knew like Charles Adare that if they were to make their fortune and do it quickly that they would have to do almost anything. So sit back and enjoy this film that lets you see the beginnings of a new way of life. Enjoy.