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Ultimate Fight

One man seeks to become champion
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Ultimate Fight


Featuring bad acting. Excruciatingly bad fights. A plot that goes all over the place. And extremely long down-time between fights, "Ultimate Fight," serious lacks in what the title portrays.

There are moments in the action where techniques are sped up or slowed down to try to enhance or maybe hide lack of true skills. And the plot jumps from action, to comedy, to trying to be a serious dramatic film. It is possible something is lost in translation. But there are no excuses for how hard it is to watch, "Ultimate Fight."

A young lounge singer enters a store and fights off two men seeking a refund for an item they broke. The young lady is so impressed by her saviour's kung fu skills; which he reveals he learned from watching kung fu movie videos. She agrees to go on a date with her hero.

During the date, they are harrassed by the two men from earlier who brought along a friend, that is a far superior martial artist. The young lady convinces the club singer to come to her house and train with her father.

The next day the lounge singer meets his sifu and undergoes a few tests to see if he's worthy to train. This is a point where the comedy seriously fails. The sifu is a master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is going to show the young man how to defeat any that challenge him. Especially the sifu's former student who is the current Ultimate Fight champion.

A year ago the sifu was attacked and severly injured so he would lose the first Ultimate Fight held in Hong Kong. His former student now works with a shady businessman who gambles on fights and will sometimes have his own men lose to set up a very profitable rematch.

Now the sifu's new student, who is also in love with the daughter, is the target of many attacks. He is determined to win to honor his sifu. But the former student is not the only challenge to winning. For some reason there is a reporter that uses state of the art training equipment who is also seeking to win the championship. No real explaination as to who he is or why the continually show him training with electronic equipment two feet away from a swimming pool.

Also thrown into the mix is that both young men's girlfriends are also cousins. One gets blown up and hospitalized, the other beaten and then drowned in a pool, which looks like the same pool the reporter was training near.

"Ultimate Fight," is silly, boring, and one that can be overlooked. Don't waste your time on it.