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Ultimate Ears’ BOOM: Love this for Valentine’s!

Love this for Valentine’s!
Love this for Valentine’s!
Brian Hart

Ultimate Ears’ BOOM with personalized message


What have you purchased for your valentine this year? If still undecided, you may consider a bit of technology mixed with love.

For a limited time, Ultimate Ears (aka UE) is allowing their BOOM portable speaker to be aurally customized with a 10-second message. Your personalized message will replace the stock bongos that played when "powering on" the device.

UE asks that the personalized message (that is uploaded to their website during purchase) adhere to these simple guidelines: do not upload any message that would be insulting or injurious to others and avoid using an audio file that does not belong to you (e.g., copyrighted, another’s intellectual property, etc.). The company even provides simple instructions for Mac or PC users on how to create a voice recording (just click “Need Help?”).

Even a printer card (holding a message up to up to 110 characters) is packaged with one’s personalized BOOM.

Amazingly, the personalization and card are a bonus, as the price of UE’s BOOM is the same $199.99.

Just like the stock product, this version of the BOOM is available in six colors (black, blue, green, pink, red, or white) and features the following:

• Compact, cylindrical shape (approximately 6 cm in width by 18 cm in height)
• Logical, streamlined operation (via four buttons - power, Bluetooth, volume up and volume down)
• Packaged with a power adapter and flat micro USB cable
• Robust connections (via an audio cable, near field communication [NFC], or Bluetooth)
• Connect to two audio sources simultaneously (e.g., iPhone and Mac) and easily switch between either
• Sealed lithium-ion battery (~15 hours, depending on usage, and conserves charge by automatically turning off, if unused)
• Protective coating that makes it water and stain resistant
• Clear speakerphone with dual microphones

UE’s app (both for iOS and Android devices) adds options, such as an equalizer, digital manual, and alarm.

While one BOOM is good, two is better, since this app configures two BOOM speakers to work together with each being a left or right stereo speaker. Or, each BOOM can be setup to be a stereo with the same music broadcast across both sets of speakers.

The BOOM lives up to its name. Its circular design and pure power easily fills a room with music (the author keeps the volume slider at one-third of its total volume). Yet, the clarity of the sound produced (even when played loudly) by the BOOM is sure to satiate any lover of music.

While hard to believe -- the best just got better. BOOM’s personalization has the potential to make these excellent speakers into an unforgettable expression of one’s love.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Of note, if one’s startup message is too “lovey-dovey,” then one can disable it in the settings of BOOM’s app.

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