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Uh Huh Her get bounce on at Walnut Room

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Uh Huh Her


Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey always notice the dry air when they play in Colorado. Or so they said between synthesizer, guitar and bass-swapping on Tuesday night. The Los Angeles-based duo who serve as the masterminds behind Uh Huh Her were belting it out nonetheless in The Walnut Room in Denver, playing a short (50 minutes?) but enthusiastic set.

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There were literally three male audience members among the sold-out crowd, and, as is the usual unfolding of an evening at an intimate concert venue with predominantly women in attendance, there were plenty of comments being yelled randomly from the crowd between songs in hopes of reciprocal interaction from the stage.

Fresh off of their second appearance at Austin’s SXSW a few days before, Grey and Hailey were fairly accommodating in this department, laughing good-naturedly and answering the shout-outs (except for the really dumb ones … like, “Hey Leisha, will you have my baby?!”).

Kicking off with “Explode” from their only full-length album (2008’s Common Reaction), the four-piece (guitarist Brad Ackley and drummer Jordan Medina are providing a tight foundation these days) played mostly new songs, priming themselves for this summer’s release of a brand new record.

The band also plowed through all six songs on its recently released Black and Blue EP, which Grey announced was thrown together in about two weeks.

The upcoming album is definitely something to anticipate if created and delivered in the same vein as Black and Blue, which maintain’s Uh Huh Her’s poppy-ethereal trademark motif but is also replete with highly addictive synth-guitar intros and riffs, plus punchy choruses that sound as if they had at least six months of experimentation and refining behind them.

The new songs were warmly received by the Denver crowd, but the loudest cheers and most charged dance action was elicited by Common Reaction’s “Wait Another Day” and then “Not A Love Song,” during which Hailey amped the audience up even more, pogoing next to her keyboard and waving one hand up (hiphop style), encouraging the crowd to hop along.

It was a bit perplexing that given this obvious success, that the band’s other hits, “Common Reaction” and (SO upset they didn’t play this) “Say So” were not included in the ultra short set.

Both Grey and Hailey ventured into the lion’s lair (merch table) after the show to sign autographs and chat with fans (at least a couple of whom were obviously more in tune with Hailey’s affiliation to “The L Word” [she played Alice] than her musical accomplishments).

Given that they are a band that has produced less than 20 songs and few of those are more than 3 minutes in length, a 50-minute set doesn’t seem all that peculiar. Once they’ve gotten two records to their name, that could all change. We’ll see if they can keep the pogo going for an hour and a half or so. Hope they bring it back to the dry air of Denver soon to give it a go and plug the new record.