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UClear Is Clearly The Coolest Snowsports Accessory

Uclear Communication System


UClear is the wireless communication system that takes the individual piece out of an individual sport like skiing and snowboarding. Most people go to the mountains to ski or snowboard with friends. You may ride in the car to the resort together, ride on the lifts together or even have an apres ski beer together - but really, skiing and snowboarding are individual sports. When you are on the mountain you are essentially by yourself. And as far as having a good conversation with someone you are with - is virtually non-existent. Until UClear came along.

UClear is a simple communicator that attaches to your goggles strap and acts as a blue tooth to your phone. You can listen to music, you can accept phone calls and you can intercom to others you are with. The speakers are stereo quality - which allows the music to play in your ear.

When a call comes in you don't have to fumble to try to find your phone (which is hopefully tucked in a warm dry place), you simply say "hello" and the phone will pick up. The sounds is actually better than if I tried to hold the phone up to my ear because it is surround sound. Those who have called me have said they didn't even know that I was snowboarding (they didn't hear the wind or the ambient noise). I guess the boss can't get too mad when I say I'm snowboarding on Tuedays - because she knows that I can accept phone calls and do business on the slopes.

But even cooler than the individual options of listening to your music and phone calls is the intercom system. You can connect up to 10 people together where they can communicate with one another without having to yell. I can tell my kids that we are going to head inside or make that left turn and they can hear me clearly and easily. No more missed turns (if I tell them in enough time to actually make that turn).

I don't understand why more ski areas have not jumped on this technology to speak with the kids and adults in ski schools. But you and get in on it before they do!