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‘Two Broke Girls’ recap: ‘The Wedding Cake, Cake, Cake’ goes to Lilo

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Two Broke Girls


Guess who is in town ready to hemorrhage out some money for her nuptials? Its guest star Lindsay Lohan that’s who and her character, Claire, is the bride from you-know-where.

Max is ready to close up shop when a tall, handsome young man shows up at the window with his scatterbrain fiancée, Claire. The newly engaged woman enjoyed Max’s cupcake so much so that she wants her to bake the wedding cake. Max says cakes are not her thing plus Claire has one little annoying habit…she changes her mind more than the second hand moves around a clock. Whenever Claire says, “Babe, I’ve been thinking” it’s a sure sign of a headache to come.

Claire frustrates Max to no end, but not Caroline. All she sees are the dollar signs to be made for baking the cake. Nevertheless, Max goes ahead and bakes a masterpiece of a cake and now comes time to transport the huge pastry to the reception. So what mode of transportation do they select? The subway, of course. There is some successful maneuvering around not one but two blind passengers and kids who suddenly decide they wanted to dance. However, all it takes is one jolt on the train to send Caroline’s arm flying through the once perfect cake.

Once off the train, Max finds a piece of styrofoam from Radio Shack, stuffs it in the hole and covers the hole with icing. No one is the wiser until the wedding planner eventually discovers the cover up. So the next time you take a bite out of a piece of cake, make sure you look at it closely first. It may be more than flour and eggs.

Surprise, surprise. The bride changes her mind again. She no longer wants to get married and this presents a problem. However, we do learn the real reason why Caroline was so gung ho on taking on Claire for a client. She and Max owe some $1,500 in taxes. Being the queens of hair brained schemes, Caroline convinces Max to pose as the veiled bride in order to get paid.

Surprise, surprise again. Claire has been thinking and props herself in the aisle to announce she has changed her mind for yet another time. That mind is in serious overload and you have to wonder why on earth the groom-to-be find such zaniness attractive. So the loony couple do get hitched and Max and Carolina finally get paid. Uncle Sam will be happy.

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