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Twiztid celebrate 4/20 with packed show at The Crofoot

R.O.C., Johnny Richter, ABK, Blaze and Twiztid at the Crofoot 4/20/14


Twiztid found a way to celebrate Easter and the 4/20 cannabis holiday in style this year with a power-packed rap show at The Crofoot that kicked off with a egg hunt.

Tracy Heck
Twiztid on stage at The Crofoot 4/20/14
Tracy Heck

Fans packed into the Pontiac venue and by the end of the evening it was almost impossible to move whether you were on the main floor, in the balcony or outside smoking.

Origix & D.C., Smokehouse Junkiez, AJAX and R.O.C. helped kicked the evening off with lively sets that got the crowd ready to party.

Johnny Richter was the next one to hit the stage and he was obviously enjoying the chance to celebrate the holiday on stage and perform some new tracks that he has been working on for his next album.

He also performed some tracks off of his latest EP, FreeKING Out, including the bumping title track.

His set featured a few songs from his Kottonmouth Kings and Kingspade days as well as some songs from his solo debut Laughing, like "At It Again".

ABK hit the stage with a bang as he danced in front of a curtain adorned with marijuana leaves.

Along the way he pulled out fiery performances of "Ya Neden's Haunted", "Keep It Wicked", "Stick and Move" and "I Can't Help It".

ABK also pulled out some new material from his forthcoming album, Shapeshifter and closed things out with the crowd favorite, "One Last Chance".

Blaze was the next one to hit the stage and he got a pretty long set that allowed him to pull out songs from all of his albums including "Str8 Outta Detroit", "Casket", "Juggalo Anthem", "Escape Artist" and "Deadman Walking".

Twiztid were obviously feeling a bit nostalgic as they kicked things off with "2nd Hand Smoke" in front of a lit up marijuana leaf and two huge bongs sporting their names and with Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees dancing behind them.

There were a number of old-school moments throughout the evening but there was also some new music from the band's latest EP release, Get Twiztid.

Blaze returned to the stage with a big huge blunt before performing a few songs with Twiztid including "B*tch I'm Sexy".

Twiztid closed things out with the powerful "Love Don't Live Here Anymore".

For those lucky enough to snatch up some tickets, there was a afterparty upstairs at the Pike Room following the show that featured R.O.C., ABK, Blaze and Twiztid performing some rare songs together that included some Zodiac Mprint and House of Krazees tracks.