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Twisted K-8 Brewery

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Twisted K-8


Twisted K-8 is the newest brewery to jump on the brew bandwagon in Northwestern Indiana. Located at 610 Monroe Street in La Porte, Indiana, this new brewery offers a small selection of beers for a reasonable price of $4.50 a pint. The 697 American Pale Ale was a medium bodied beer that seemed to be lacking some of the 'hoppiness' that I had expected. The Hos IPA contains a Canadian Honey Malt to calm the bite and, while it could have been served colder, was the best beer served. The HazCo Brown is infused with hazelnut coffee and is expressive in its taste. This beer also could have been served colder. The Slicer Wheat was not available at the time this review was written.

As far as food goes, this brewery offers a decent selection of appetizers and entrees. The soft pretzels and home made beer cheese was a delicious and fitting appetizer for a brewery. Another favorite was the warn chocolate chip cookies with caramel drizzle for only $2.

The décor of Twisted K-8 could be improved upon. The military flags make the pub seem smaller and do not mesh well with the historic building and the pale green walls. Some black and white photographs or even well placed sculptures would add to the visual appeal of the brewery. The service was attentive and quick and the prices are all reasonable. For more information on this new brewery, including the varying hours, call 219-669-5123.