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'Turner and Hooch (1989)' Movie Review: Hootch is a hoot

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Turner & Hooch


Detective Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) is leaving his small community police force to head to the big city. He wants to take on the big crimes. Scott and his partner Det. David Sutton (Reginald VelJohnson) were out riding around when Scott stopped by to say goodbye to his old friend Amos Reed (John McIntire) and his dog Hooch. Now Hooch was a guard dog that you just didn't want to run into. Scott would walk into the scrap yard and he knew Hooch would be coming. Sure enough Hooch would have him pinned to the ground and it would take Amos to get the big dog off of him. Scott and Amos would say their goodbye's not knowing that it would be the last time.

That night Amos would lose his life to a stabbing. You see across the way from the yard a small warehouse was making a lot of noise that night and it woke Amos and Hooch. The warehouse was home to some illegal goings on and a murder was committed. Thinking that Amos might have seen something a man was dispatched to check on the situation. Amos would be stabbed and the only one who knew what happened was Hooch.

Scott would come by the next morning, take a look at Amos, and would adopt Hooch. Now this dog was not house broken to say the least. Scott would take him by the Vet Dr. Emily Carson (Mare Winningham) and have him looked after. Once Scott got Hooch home it was Hooch who was telling Scott what was going to happen. The dog tore up the house, literally.

Chief Howard Hyde (Craig T. Nelson) would give Scott a little lee way into finding Amos's killer but would at the end have to say times up. Scott would continue and you have to watch the rest of the film to find out how it ends.

This is a cute film and has many laughs. It is a movie that you would love to watch on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Director Roger Spottiswoode does an excellent job with the cast and with Hooch, who by the way steals the show. He is one character you will never forget. Enjoy.