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Turn up the Heat, A Couples Guide to Sexual Intimacy, by Dr. Kevin Leman

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...he answers the “hottest questions…men and women ask …about sex and intimacy…”


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Turn up the Heat, A Couples Guide to Sexual Intimacy, by Dr. Kevin Leman, Revell, Hardcover, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0800719036, $17.99

“Have a great sex life—by Saturday night! (Or Thursday night if you’re really frisky) Introduces, Turn Up the Heat, by esteemed psychologist, best-selling author and radio-television personality,Dr. Kevin Leman. Where he answers the “hottest questions…men and women ask …about sex and intimacy…”

With practical down-to-earth language, sometimes laugh-out-loud humor and wit, coupled with “common-sense psychology” the good doctor provides “straight-forward answers” to questions like:

“Lights on or Lights off,”

“What’s Your Mom Doing in Bed with Us?”

“You’re Frisky again? Didn’t we Just Have Sex—in April?”

“Mr. Boring meets Mr. Predictable in the Bedroom”

“Too Pooped to Whoop?”

Whether you’re a newlywed or married for “one, two, five or fifty years,” couples looking for a “practical guide to sex according to God’s plan” find sound advice within these pages. Just as readers did inSheet Music(review):

In the first of twenty-five chapters, Leman writes about sexual and intimacy issues in a question and answer format. He advises women “what not to expect” then encourages honest and open communication with each other’s personal likes and dislikes. Your spouse hasn’t a “clue to what feels good unless you tell him” or her, notes Leman.

Brief “Straight Talk” summaries and suggestions conclude each chapter, like in chapter three where Leman talks about communication and really getting to know your spouse. “Your mission for your entire marriage is to get behind your spouses’ eyes and see how he or she looks at life,” notes Leman. He then reminds readers it takes a daily commitment if you want the “best marriage possible.”

Other chapters discuss a woman’s need to feel “loved, listened to and respected,” the importance of romance, appreciation and feminine hygiene. A man’s needs are much simpler. Men are emotionally turned on when they know their women need them, writes Leman, then any “place” becomes romantic.

The doctor writes "sex is God's idea," but he believes inhibitions and lack of knowledge offer mediocre intimacy instead of the closeness God intended. This book "is not just a how-to-do-it manual…this is more a do-it-yourself look at why to do it and how to do it better." I consider it an eleven on a ten out of ten scale.

Leman, founder and president of “Couples of Promise” is an organization designed and committed to helping couples remain happily married.

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