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Turkish Airlines - A Review

Turkish Airlines


I'm not sure why we ended up on this airline, but it was a fun and enjoyable experience. First, let me explain, that I am an avid traveler...AND I adore food. As we were traveling to Europe, I believe this airline with our frequent flyer miles added up to an interesting jaunt into a place I didn't know I wanted to visit.

All flights go through Istanbul airport. This airport is nice, but it's facilities need to be kept up. Also, English is NOT their language, so please understand that when traveling world wide, not everyone is going to speak your language. If you have some French, you're in luck, as most spoke a least a spattering of French...Spanish? Not so much. Probably because Napoleon conquered most, if not all, of the Islamic countries that are in existence today. Also, keep in mind, that throughout history, the language of the nobles was French NOT English...just sayin.

Anyways, the flight went very well. Seats were roomy, although the Turkish language is fascinating to listen to. It takes a while for them to say one thing that in English gets done easily...and I thought the English language was complicated...but I digress.

The flight was roomy, the food was first class, and included complimentary alcoholic beverages. The staff was hospitable and the flight itself was unremarkable. The technology was also fantastic as we were able to charge our devices in flight, but there is a fee for web service. Not surprising. There is also a fee for the airport wifi in Istanbul, where in most other countries it is free.

One note about traveling with your cell phone. If you have not paid for an international plan before leaving the US, please make sure you turn off your data and cellular capacity. You will be shocked when you get home otherwise with the possibility of a five figure bill.

Otherwise, I strongly recommend Turkish Airlines for your flight abroad. Well worth the low fares.