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Truth, Love, Justice?

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Sailor Moon


Sailormoon was a manga created by Naoko Takeuchi, who wanted to bring the concept of teenage girls dressed in fukus who used their powers to fight evil. Initially, she started with Sailor V, the story about a teen heroine who went around in a secret identity fighting evil, and then eventually came up with the concept of Pretty Soldier Sailormoon, which later became known as just Sailor Moon.

The focus of Sailor Moon turned from one protagonist to another in the light of things. The story soon revolved around Usagi/Serena Tsukino whose personality differs between the anime seen on Toonami years ago and in the manga. In the anime, Usagi was a clumsy, bawling, whiny crybaby who enjoyed eating, daydreaming about her true love, and being late for school on a regular basis. Meatball Head was her nickname, a type of insult/endearment that she loves/hates, depending on the person calling her Meatball Head. In the manga, she is depicted as a selfish and cold person who must always have things her way or no way.

The story behind Sailor Moon is one that links the past, present, and future together. Usagi and the Sailor Senshi once lived on their respective planets in the Solar System. Special respect was paid to the Moon Kingdom which was the center of everyone's inner world. Because of a war caused by the Dark Moon forces, Neo Queen Serenity sent her daughter Usagi/Serena and the rest of the Sailor Senshi to Earth to live as regular mortals for a short time until it was their time to rise up.

Their memories were thus blocked from them, and each one would have to go through a period of trials until their memories awakened. Usagi, when she stood up against a villain, was found by Luna, one of the Guardians of the Moon Kingdom. It was Luna who helped Usagi become Sailor Moon and charged her with finding the Moon Princess who Luna was looking for.

Initially as all stories go, Usagi adapted into her Sailor Moon routine and was later joined by the other Sailor Senshi, among them Sailor V which was the first concept thought up by Naoko Takeuchi. As time goes on in the Sailor Moon storyline, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi eventually become aware of their past, who they are in the present, and who they will become in the future thanks to a little girl from the future who joins them as Sailor Mini Moon.What was not well known was the fact that originally Naoko Takeuchi intended to kill off all the protagonists in the storyline.

However, her editor would not allow her, because it was considered a shojo manga. Thus all of the protagonists came back to life with Naoko Takeuchi holding a grudge over it. Sailor Moon eventually became a spinoff series with not only a manga and anime, but a live action series, art books, and several video games. It is a well thought out series that helps to awaken what often matters the most. Truth, love, and justice. It is given four stars for its brilliant plotline and the humor often seen behind the lines-anime version- and the entertaiment behind it all.