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Truly full of blarney

Terrapin Beer Co. Full of Balarney


Tuesday night, I took a walk down to my local Taco Mac off Chastain Rd. in hopes of finding a pleasant Saint Patty’s Day surprise. I got lucky. This month, the Beers of the Month come from the happy hop harvesters in Athens at Terrapin Beer Co. The first on the list to touch my taste buds is Full of Balarney Irish Stout Nitro. As described by Taco Mac, Full of Balarney has "a rich but light body…and clean dry finish."

The term "full of blarney" comes from Ireland and basically full of crud or falsity. This name is definitely appropriate also considering the word blarney isn't even spelled correctly. This one is less of falsity and more of a fallacy

Full of Balarney lacks the bold robust flavor common to Irish stouts. This one is definitely a light weight in a class of normally quite heavy contenders with the average ABV for a stout being between 6 and 8%. Full of Balarney is just 4.2% ABV which is about half the alcohol content.

Stouts are also known for their strong head retention. Full of Balarney is the opposite. The crown died away faster than King Luis II of Portugal. If anything, I would call this one a diet stout, something your girlfriend will enjoy before stepping up to heavy brews.