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'True Blood' 7x10 'Thank You': We are gathered here today

Bill: "Sookie what you are is extraordinary, but so is being human."
Bill: "Sookie what you are is extraordinary, but so is being human."Photo Courtesy Of John P. Johnson/HBO

True Blood Season Seven Episode Ten: Thank You


Sookie: “I can't let go.”

Sookie: "Do you think that some of us are just mistakes?"
Sookie: "Do you think that some of us are just mistakes?"Photo Courtesy Of John P. Johnson/HBO

Bill: “It’s time.”

“Thank You” is the August 24 finale of “True Blood.” If you haven’t seen the episode, beware of spoilers. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. "True Blood” is over, ladies and gentlemen.

Any hope for an action packed finale died long ago. The writers made the decision to focus more on the characters this season, which they didn't do too great of a job of. On the plus side, this finale did bring the tears. It’s always sad when a show tries to evoke emotion and it is just not happening. Whether it was the wedding or Bill and Sookie’s last goodbyes, the tears were flowing, which is a statement to how much these characters have meant to viewers over the span of the once great series. Which moment made you tear up?

Apparently Bill didn't think his proposition would be all that traumatizing for Sookie, but killing a loved one probably means at least one year of therapy. Bill comes off as a huge jerk by asking Sookie to use his light on him. Yes, his intentions are pure in wanting the best possible life for Sookie, but he implies that she will never have any of it if she is who she is – a fairy. Instead of wanting Sookie to accept who she is, Bill uses his last moments to try to change her. Then, there is the whole straddling him with a stake thing.

Okay, getting past what Bill asked Sookie to do, the writers did manage to tug on the heart strings a bit. Sookie hearing Bill’s thoughts is a nice touch. It is a glimpse into his soul. However, he didn't have anything to think about Jessica? She is practically his daughter who is getting married, but there couldn't be a thought in there for her. Once again, the writers aren't painting the best picture of Bill. Jessica proves to be the mature one when she tells Bill what she thinks he would want to know before he dies.

After a very forward question from Bill, Jessica and Hoyt decide to tie the knot. Okay, but he still doesn't remember anything about her or Jason? Does this not bother anyone else? The wedding is cute, yes. There is no denying that, but it still feels very weird. Bill’s talk with Jessica before it all is probably the cutest thing, but it could have been dialed up a notch. Even though Bill sort of references that he views Jessica like a daughter, he never comes out and says it, which would have been a great moment. Did you like the wedding?

Eric and Pam go on an interesting trajectory. The two of them doing infomercials and ringing in the stock exchange is really weird. Nothing about Eric nor Pam screams infomercial. If anything, someone else would be on camera for them. It seems like they would be bored by that. They are more of the murder and sex type. Also, they are probably making a lot of money, so why is Fangtasia still up and running? Can Eric just not part with his throne? A lot more could have been done with these two, and in the end, they don’t change at all. There isn't any growth there. It’s disappointing.

The writers clearly want to show that everyone is doing fine in the future years. Jason has kids. Sookie is pregnant by some random guy that viewers don’t even get to see. Yes, there is a shot of the back of his head, but would it have been so bad to see his entire face? It would have been better to show more of a conversation, perhaps between Sookie and Sam or Sookie and some other Bon Temps staple. This way there could have been a “Can you believe” moment where they reminiscence about all the troubles they have overcome.

What did you think of the finale? Did Sarah get what she deserves or do you wish she was being treated better? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.