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'True Blood' 7x06 'Karma': Hep V woes

Sookie: "Love shouldn't make you scared, not scared like that."
Sookie: "Love shouldn't make you scared, not scared like that."
Photo Courtesy Of John P. Johnson/HBO

True Blood Season Seven Episode Six: Karma


Andy: “I don’t think screwing your siblings is what they meant by bad times.”

“Karma” is the July 27 episode of “True Blood.” If you haven’t seen the episode, beware of spoilers! “True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. central on HBO.

Seriously, could this episode have been more boring? Every storyline is just super slow moving. There’s not really any action. The most intense part of the episode is Pam and Eric staring at the sunrise, but obviously, they weren't going to die. It is almost as if the writers are waiting to just jam everything exciting into the finale. The rest of the season has been a very slow build up to something, but it hasn't been a fun ride. Have you been impressed with this season so far? It’s been underwhelming. This episode is definitely the worst so far. What’s your opinion?

Bill’s storyline had potential, but instead of it be exciting or interesting, all he does is sit around in a waiting room only to find out that the law screwed over vampires. For a minute there, watching the Hep V race down his arms is interesting, but then it seemed to repeat a couple scenes later. What happened there? It goes down one arm in the waiting room, and then in the lawyer’s office, there’s a shot of it racing down both arms. As to a theory why it is happening so quickly, maybe the fact that a fairy infected him is the reason.

The Tara search should have ended this episode, actually it should have ended ages ago. They should have figured out what she is trying to say and moved on. It is nice that Lettie Mae isn't completely crazy, but this has been going on for way too long. Also, why is it that in this drug trip, Lettie Mae is just dazed on the couch while in every other episode she has been running around like a crazy person? Now it’s impossible to know for sure, but it seemed like her and Lafayette didn't move from that couch the entire trip. Is anyone intrigued by this storyline?

Of course there’s a cure. Once Bill got infected during the last episode, there wasn't really a doubt that a cure existed. Before, it was a little iffy, yes Eric is a fan favorite, but come on, both he, Bill, and Alcide can’t all die. The twist that Sarah Newlin is the antidote is actually interesting. It’s the best part about this episode. There is a lot more to play with knowing that the antidote is a living person, and the stakes are higher because it’s Sarah Newlin and there are so many people who want her dead. What do you think of this twist?

Alright, here are some other odds and ends. No one really cares about Adilyn and Wade being love struck teenagers. Maybe now that Violet is kidnapping them, things will get interesting. Nicole wants to leave Bon Temps because apparently everywhere else in the world isn't being ravaged by Hep V vamps. Odds are that her kid is a shifter like Sam, so wouldn't it be better to live in a town where the shifter is already out of the bag? Jason and Sookie having some brother and sister time is nice. They have always had a great relationship.

What did you think of the episode? Were you bored out of your minds during this episode? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below