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'True Blood' 7x05 'Lost Cause': Party at Sookie's

Bill: "My mother always taught me it was ungentlemanly to turn up to gathering empty handed."
Bill: "My mother always taught me it was ungentlemanly to turn up to gathering empty handed."
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True Blood Season Seven Episode Five: Lost Cause


Arlene: “When it comes to loving a man and then losing him, it don't matter how it happens ‘cause he’s still gone. You still have that hole inside of you, and it hurts just the same no matter how prepared you are for it or not.”

“Lost Cause” is the July 20 episode of “True Blood.” If you haven’t seen the episode, beware of spoilers! “True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. central on HBO.

Last week’s episode, our favorite Bon Temps characters began to mourn their losses and notify the loved ones. It was a nice way to mourn the characters' deaths. This week’s episode, we are still in mourning. Okay yes, it takes time to process the death of a loved one. There could still be moments of that without it being an entire episode. The party isn't really all that exciting. There are some good moments, yes, but mostly it’s boring. This could have been condensed somehow or maybe more time could have been spent with Eric and Pam because they actually had an entertaining storyline. Were you bored or did you enjoy the party?

Arlene and Sookie's conversation and tequila shots are the best part of the party. These are two women who are friends but barely spend any screen time together. Arlene knows some of the pain that Sookie is feeling, so it makes sense that she is the one to comfort Sookie. This is a perfect mixture of a serious conversation that tugs at the heartstrings and humor. Jackson eavesdropping is a tad weird, but at least it didn't become anything more than that one scene of him listening. Did you enjoy Sookie and Arlene’s chat?

While Sookie is mourning the loss of someone she loves, Bill mourns the loss of his wife Caroline. It takes a while to get to the point of his flashbacks. At first, it looks like this is just going to be Bill thinking about the people he lost in the war, but instead it chronicles his attempts to escape enlisting, which is not immediately clear. The whole storyline is confusing at first, and then at the end it sort of becomes an okay storyline, but there is still this feeling that time has been wasted. Does anyone have a theory on how Bill got Hep V?

The best part of all of the love triangle drama is definitely James telling Lafayette about his relationship with Jessica. They are never shown together, so when James tells Lafayette about how Jessica treats her, it is the first time viewers are hearing this. It’s a bit shocking, but hey, we rarely see Jessica and James together, so maybe it is true. After spending quite a bit of time with James and Lafayette, it's easy to see their connection. Plus, Lafayette really deserves some happiness. Who should James be with: Jessica or Lafayette?

Here are some other party odds and ends. There doesn't seem to be an end to the Lettie Mae storyline. The only acceptable way that this plays out is that Lettie Mae was secretly right all along and somehow Tara comes back to life. Other than that happening, it’s not interesting. Holly and Andy proposing is adorable, and it is the right amount of happiness that is needed after all the pain and darkness that has been going on. What was your favorite and least favorite party moment? Nicole's little outburst makes sense. She does miss the point of why the party is being thrown, but still, shouldn't the people of Bon Temps be doing something a little more productive?

What did you think of the episode? Does anyone know how many stages there are in Hep V? Eric is stage two, which is not a good thing. Any idea why Jessica would have sex with Jason even though she just learned how easy it is to catch someone having sex at the party, especially with vampire hearing? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.