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Trompeau Bakery

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From the outside it is easy to see we are in for a great slice of bread. The wall-size windows let the sunny Colorado days and the eye of the passer-by wander in. The big kitchen composed of multiple bread ovens, mixers and loaves of bread cooling on the racks is a great example of a working boulangerie.

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The real treat comes when the doors open and the smell of freshly baked bread mixes with the french being spoken in the background.

Trompeau Bakery is conveniently located in 2950 S. Broadway. The unassuming and friendly atmosphere, together with a great variety of baked goods from the traditionally French staples like croissants, baguettes, quiche Lorraine, to the hybrids such the grasshopper cookies or blueberry croissants, attracts families of all ages specially on Saturday mornings.

It does, however, fall short of the expected French aesthetics. Luckily, the product is great and doesn't need a fancy package to come across as one of Denver's best breads.

The coffee is dark, french roast; personally not a favorite of mine either here or in France.

Overall is a great place to stop by and try a sinful apple croissant, or the plain and oh so good butter croissant; and pack the baguette for dinner.