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Tricia's retro film review: Warning Shadows

Warning Shadows


Warning Shadows is the 1923 German film. A baron has a lovely wife who is still being pursued by suitors, even though she is married. Not surprisingly, he is jealous of them. He invites them to dinner and shows them a play in which they decide to attack the baron and take his lovely wife for themselves. It all ends tragically, but the couple is able to mend their relationship. But things may not be what they seem in this dream like tale.

This is an unusual silent movie in that there are no intertitles. It works to its advantage, as it gives it a surreal dreamy quality to what would otherwise be a typical melodrama. The story is pretty easy to follow and the viewer can easily figure out what’s going on. As expected from the title, shadows play a big part in the movie by showing the characters hidden desires and adding some suspense. It’s amazing that more movies don’t use this cinematic trick, as shadows are perfect for the cinematic storytelling style. This is a movie enlivened by some interesting narrative tricks. Honolulu film fans should see this movie.

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