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Tricia's retro film review: To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief


To Catch a Thief is the 1958 thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. John Robie is an ex-burglar. When a new burglar code named The Cat appears, the police go to arrest Robie. He immediately flees and bumps into Jessie and her daughter, Francie. She is smitten with John, until her mother’s jewel get stolen. However, after a man named Fossuard dies, she apologizes to him and agrees to help Robie catch The Cat at a masquerade ball. They do and The Cat’s identity will shock everybody.

This is a really good Hitchcock movie that is unusual only in the fact that the only death happened accidentally. It still has lots of suspense as we wonder about the real identity of The Cat. Jessie turns out to be an entertaining character as she is aware of the world of the rich and is cynical about it. While the ending implies that she’ll be living with them, it doesn’t seem that bad. The identity of the thief is genuinely surprising. Alfred Hitchcock fans should buy this movie.

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