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Tricia's retro film review: The Robe

The Robe


The Robe is the 1953 bible epic and the first cinemascope movie. Marcellus Gallio is a Roman content with his life, until he is asked to help with the crucifixion of Jesus. He wins Christ’s robe but is soon haunted by nightmares because of it. Gallio returns to Palestine on a mission to find Christians, he also wants to destroy the robe. However, after being the community and touching the robe, he joins the “heretic” group and returns to Rome to spread Jesus’ teachings. Will he end up a martyr just like Jesus Christ?

The epic is okay, although it’s a suitable movie for Cinemascope. Even though Judas only has a small role, it is memorable because he has realized what he has done. Gallio’s hallucinations are haunting and effective. The film picked a good choice for a villain in Caligula, as he was every bit as nasty in real life has he is in the film. Unusually, Jesus never really makes an appearance in the film, despite the fact that he’s an important part of the film. Honolulu film fans should rent this first.

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