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Tricia's retro film review: The Reluctant Dragon

The Reluctant Dragon


The Reluctant Dragon is the live action/animation film produced by the Walt Disney Studios. Robert Benchley goes to the then-new Disney Studios in order to pitch to Disney an idea to adapt Kenneth Grahame’s book, The Reluctant Dragon. He is sent on an “official” tour, but manages to dodge his tour guide in order to find Walt Disney. Robert gets an unofficial tour of the various animation departments and sees how cartoons are made. He is able to find Disney, but an unexpected surprise is waiting for him.

While it’s not a bad movie, it’s more suited to hardcore Disney fans and people interested in the history of animation. It’s is cool to see how animation was created before computers. There’s also a neat special effect where the movie starts in black and white, but turns into color once they go into the Technicolor studio. The animated shorts aren’t too bad either. The main plot is just an excuse to take a trip to the Disney Studios, although it’s not bad. Honolulu Disney fans may want to watch this.

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