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Tricia's retro film review: The Noose Hangs High

The Noose Hangs High


The Noose Hangs High is the 1948 comedy starring Abbott and Costello. They play Tommy and Ted, ordinary window washers. One day, they accidentally take a job from Nick Craig to deliver some money, but they lose it. Craig threatens to kill them if they don’t’ return it. But the person who has received the package, Carol, has spent most of it. The trio tries to recover the money by betting on horse racing and fail. They try to get arrested and fail at that too. Nick catches up to them, but hope comes in an unexpected savior.

Think of this as a parody of crime films. It does a pretty good job spoofing it using Abbott and Costello’s trademark humor. Some viewers may be uncomfortable with a joke that implies child grooming. The rest of the jokes have aged well. In fact, many of them are pretty funny, especially the one where Abbott talks to Nick on the phone, unaware that he’s in the phone booth next to him. The jokes also come at a very fast pace, even if the plot doesn’t. Honolulu Abbott and Costello fans should watch this movie.

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