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Tricia's retro film review: The Music Box Kid

The movie poster.

The Music Box Kid


The Music Box Kid is the 1960 crime film. Larry Shaw is a man who has married devout Catholic Margret. He is actually a gangster, but he lies to her and says he is an insurance sales man. Larry manages to survive, even though he does reckless things like kidnap gangsters for ransom. Margret does find out, but decides to keep it a secret. Not even her pregnancy and Father Gordon’s urgings make her tell the police. It is only when they plan to kill George Gordon, the head of the Legislative Crimes Commission, does she tell. Will they be able to save Gordon in time?

This is an average movie with a truly stupid gangster. Larry should have known that his fellow criminals will not tolerate someone trying to mess with them. The plot is intriguing but the screen writer doesn’t take advantage to tell a really good story. Unusually for this type of movie, we find out that Margret’s son turned out to be okay. To be fair, while getting a divorce would have been logical, the Catholics don’t believe in it so it’s understandable why she doesn’t do it. Still, it’s a film that could have been better. Honolulu film fans should rent this first.

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