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Tricia's retro film review: The Man From Beyond

The Man from Beyond


The Man From Beyond is the 1922 film starring Harry Houdini. A small artic expedition finds a shipwreck in the ice. When they explore it, they find a man in the ice. They immediately thaw him. He is Howard Hillary, a sailor who had loved and lost a fiancé named Felice. When they return to civilization, he meets Dr. Strange’s daughter Felice and assumes she’s his lost love. He is about to be locked up in an insane asylum when Dr. Strange is kidnapped. Can he save him and win Felice’s heart?

The movie is okay, but the love story is a little wonky. Just because Felice is reincarnated doesn’t mean she’ll be the same person she was before, or that she’ll fall in love with Hillary again. Other than that, the plot is pretty good. Some Houdini fans may forget that he actually believed in the supernatural. It’s just that he didn’t like it when con artists manipulated people’s beliefs for fame and fortune. So Houdini producing a movie about reincarnation isn’t unusual. Honolulu film fans should rent this movie first.

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