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Tricia's retro film review: The Libertine

The Libertine (1969)


The Libertine is the 1969 Italian comedy. Mimi has just lost her husband and finds out he has had a series of affairs. She’s angrier at the fact that he refuses to have kinky sex with his wife rather than the fact that he cheated on her. She starts to study about sexuality and has kinky fantasies with various men. Mimi falls in love with Dr. DeMarchi, but her sexual tricks don’t seem to reach him. In fact, he repeatedly asks her to marry him. Will she do it?

It’s an interesting movie, because it shows how a wife would feel when faced with the Madonna/Whore complex. Mimi probably felt she wasn’t good enough for her husband if he thought that she was too “pure” for kinky sex. Surprisingly, for a sex comedy, there’s very little explicit sex, but there is a lot of fantasy roleplaying. Which will delight those people who like that kink. It helps that the fantasies are nicely imaginative. Most people would have drawn the line at bestiality though. The last part of the film goes into romantic comedy territory as DeMarchi seems to genuinely love Mimi. However, viewers will not like the fact that he continues to push the question. He is perfectly happy to try out Mimi’s ideas. It’s a logical outcome, as it seems what Mimi really needed was not a series of one-night stands, but a husband who would be willing to try out kinky sex with her. The movie is a little light on plot, but is entertaining. Although Mimi should be glad she wasn’t arrested for indecent exposure when she decided to take her clothes off in the car while it’s moving. Honolulu film fans should rent it first.

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