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Tricia's retro film review: The Legend of Hell House

The Legend of Hell House


The Legend of Hell House is the 1973 horror film based on the novel by Richard Matheson. A group is hired to investigate Belasco House, which was owned by the infamous Emeric Belasco. They include two mediums, Ben and Florence, and a scientist, Barrett. They examine the house, which predicable has supernatural things happen to the group. However, tempers flare as Florence and Barrett argue wherever the supernatural is real or not. Can they solve the mystery of the house or will they become the next victims?

It helps that the adaptation is written by Richard Matheson, so fans of his work may be relieved that the story isn’t radically changed. What saves the film from being a typical haunted house story is its twists. It turns out Belasco may be an earthbound spirit, but he can still easily manipulate people and isn’t completely powerless. There is a fight between the religious Florence and the skeptical Barrett. However, it turns out that they are both right and it’s their stubborn refusal to work together that kills them. Honolulu horror fans should at least rent it.

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