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Tricia's retro film review: The Incredible Melting Man

The Incredible Melting Man


The Incredible Melting Man is the 1977 horror film. Astronaut Steve West is the only survivor of a trip to Saturn. This turns out not to be good, as he is injured and starts to melt. He escapes the hospital and eats people in an attempt to stop the melting. Dr. Nelson, Steve’s friend, has to hunt him down, with the help of Sheriff Blake. Their chase leads to a power plant, where they confront West. But even if they can stop him, other astronauts may suffer the same gruesome fate as Steve.

This movie was supposed to be a parody which could have made it better. The backstory for the monster doesn’t make any sense as slowly melting would actually cause you to lose your strength, not enhance it. It also doesn’t spend a lot of time on backstory, preferring to get to the main plot right away. The movie feels a little disorienting because of it. Although viewers who love these types of movies will love it, because they get to the monster right away. Viewers who don’t like gross scenes should not watch this movie as the creature is literally a man who melts into a gooey mess. He also kills people in the most graphic ways possible. There’s even an extended scene where a head floats down the river and hits a rock. The comedic scenes are pretty good, but feels disjointed because the executives wanted a “serious” movie. This is a shame, because it might have actually made for a good movie. MST3K fans won’t take it seriously anyway, since the movie was spoofed on the show. The movie is decent but could have been a lot better if it stuck to a consistent tone. Honolulu horror fans should rent it first.

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