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Tricia's retro film review: The House Across the Bay

The House Across the Bay


The House Across the Bay is the 1940 film. Steve Larwitt is a man who wins the lottery and becomes a successful gangster. He marries Brenda, but their happiness is short lived, as he is arrested and sent to Alcatraz. Steve insists he was framed and Brenda rents a house nearby so she can wait for him. Unfortunately a man named Tim has fallen in love with her. What’s worse is that Steve really was framed by his friend, Slant, and he warns Brenda to keep quiet. How will this problem be solved?

The movie switches genres really fast. At first it seems like it’s going to be the story of Steve’s rise and fall as a gangster, but it turns out to be Brenda’s story when he gets arrested. It’s a little disorienting, but livens up an average Hollywood B-flick. The best part about the film is their love for each other, you get the feeling had Slant not screwed things up, Brenda would have waited the whole ten years. There seem to be a missing piece of film from the climax, we see a still picture of Steve as he thinks Brenda cheated on him and is about to kill her. It’s not as noticeable unlike other films that have even worst damage. This is one of those unusual movies where it’s a love square, rather than a triangle, but the film manages to pull it off. It’s a solid, if not original movie. Honolulu film fans need to rent it first.

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