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Tricia's retro film review: The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball


The Crystal Ball is the 1943 comedy. Toni Gerard is a friend of Madame Zenobia, a fake psychic. She has to take over the role when Zenobia throws out her back. Toni falls in love with attorney Brad Cavanaugh, who she is running a con job on. However, Jo Ainsly, who helped out Toni and went to Madame Zenobia, wants to marry Brad herself. Toni attempts to use her position to get rid of Jo. But things take a turn for the worst when the government investigates Brad. Will Toni be able to win Brad?

The film is decent, if not the most memorable or unique movie. It does portray a fake psychic sympathetically. There are a few mentions of WWII and while it isn’t stated outright, Brad got into trouble for impeding the war effort. The satire is pretty good, as the mysterious Madame Zenobia turns out to be a tough talking middle-age woman who throws out her back. The movie is watchable and the writing is decent, but it’s obvious that they churned it out as quick entertainment. Honolulu film fans should rent it first.

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