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Tricia's retro film review: The Comeback

The Comeback


The Comeback is the 1978 horror film. Nick Cooper is a singer hoping to launch a comeback. Unbeknownst to him, his ex-wife is murdered in his home. At first, everything goes smoothly, but he is soon haunted by images of his dead wife. He decides to investigate, but is unable to prove to people that he is not crazy. Nick’s friend tries to go back to the house and is killed. Soon, Nick suffers a breakdown, only to find out who the real killers are and the reason why they did it.

This isn’t a bad idea for a movie, but the screenwriter doesn’t pull it off well. While the twist that the murderers are the old couple avenging their dead daughter is a great one, the film doesn’t show enough hints that something is amiss with them. Some viewers may wonder why it’s taking so long for ex-wife to be declared missing, as surely someone would have noticed by now. She is portrayed sympathetically as the movie makes it clear who the real villains are. The movie is one that could have been better. Honolulu horror film fans need to rent it first.

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