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Tricia's retro film review: The Blood Beast Terror

The Blood Beast Terror


The Blood Beast Terror is the 1967 British horror film starring Peter Cushing. Several men have been murdered and DI Quennell is on the case. He thinks the men have been killed by an eagle, but the truth is much darker. Dr. Carl Mallinger has created a daughter named Clare who is a were moth. She’s the one who is murdering the men. However, she wants a male lover and asks her father to create one for her. They use DI Quennell’s daughter, Meg, in order to create him. Can Quennell solve the case before his daughter is killed?

It’s a pretty good horror movie. It almost feels more like a detective story with elements of horror, as most of the film shows Quennell investigating. The only real problem is that the special effects at the time couldn’t show a convincing moth woman and the flying scenes are ridiculous. The play in the movie is a rather blunt metaphor for Dr. Mallinger’s folly, but it has a cheesy charm of its own. It almost feels like a Hammer horror film while standing on its own merits. Honolulu horror fans should at least rent it.

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