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Tricia's retro film review: The Baron of Arizona

The Baron of Arizona


The Baron of Arizona is the 1950 film starring Vincent Price and directed by Samuel Fuller. James Reavis plans to take the Arizona territory for himself. He adopts a child named Sofia and plans to turn her into a Spanish Baroness. Reavis goes so far as to go to Spain to fake documents proving her “birthright.” When he brings his claim, the government accept it, but hires John Griff to find out the truth. The “baron” soon alienates the settlers living there, so they are ready to lynch him. Will he get caught?

The movie is unusual, but rather interesting. There is child grooming in this movie as Reavis marries Sofia after she’s grown up. Viewers who are uncomfortable with this should not watch the movie. That being said, it is very entertaining as it is a huge con to pull off. Even though the viewer knows how it will end, the movie is good enough that we want to know how they got to that point. The climax is memorable as it uses Reavis’ headquarters and uses the shadows to show the trouble he’s in. Honolulu film fans should at least rent it.

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