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Tricia's retro film review: The Angry Red Planet

The Angry Red Planet


The Angry Red Planet is the 1959 B-movie. The spaceship MR-1 has returned from Mars under ominous circumstances. Dr. Iris Ryan and Col. Tom O’Bannion are the only survivors and Tom is injured. Since a weird blob is growing on his arm, they have no choice but to ask a traumatized Iris to explain what happened. It turns out that while on Mars, they are attacked by the native fauna and have to return to Earth. There are gaps in Iris’s memory, though. Can she remember so she can save Tom in time?

The aliens are huge hypocrites in this movie as they let the Earth people get attacked by the animals and then have the nerve to call them savage. This stupid twist drags down what was a decent movie. While some of the creatures are unconvincing, the landscape being shot in a red light isn’t distracting and has a nice weird feel. You will feel sorry for the astronauts that get killed, especially the one who gets eaten alive. It’s almost a relief to see Tom survive. Honolulu sci-fi film fans need to rent this film first.

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