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Tricia's retro film review: Tank Battalion

Tank Battalion


Tank Battalion is the 1958 war film. Dunn, Collins, Corbett, and Skids as all part of a tank battalion in the Korean War. They manage to find time for love. Not even North Korean soldiers can stop them, and they manage to prevent them from killing the nurses. The men go on a mission the next day but soon run into trouble as their tank is damaged. They don’t have a working radio or a lot of ammo. What’s worse is that they are under attack by the enemy. Can they find a way out of their dilemma?

This is a war movie that is ruined by bait and switch tactics. It spends too much time on the romance subplot. While romance isn’t inherently bad in a war movie, the viewer rarely sees any tank battles except at the beginning and the end. The plot where the communists attack the nurse’s station isn’t too bad. Still, the screenwriter doesn’t know what type of story they want to tell and wrecks the movie because of it. Honolulu war film fans should watch a different film.

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