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Tricia's retro film review: Strangers May Kiss

Strangers May Kiss


Strangers May Kiss is the 1931 pre-code Hollywood film starring Norma Shearer. Lisbeth is a young woman who does not believe in marriage, but is content to have a lover named Alan. Her beliefs seem to be confirmed when her Aunt Celia commits suicide after her husband dies. Alan dumps Lisbeth, and returns to her. He then gets married to another woman even though she still carries a torch for him. Lisbeth goes to Europe and sleeps with the men there, including Steve, who wants to marry her. Will she do it or will Alan return?

This movie is the perfect example of how far a pre-code movie was willing to go. Although it’s fine about showing affairs and pre-marital sex. Ultimately, it still believes in the power of true love. The worst that could happen is that the person who tries to break up the couple gets away scott-free. To be fair, the movie isn’t hurt by this formula, as it is concerned only with telling an entertaining story. Honolulu pre-code Hollywood film fans may want to watch this movie.

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