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Tricia's retro film review: Star Trek the Motion Picture

Star Trek The Motion Picture


Star Trek the Motion Picture is the first movie in the Star Trek franchise. A mysterious alien cloud is wreaking havoc. Captain Kirk and his crew must reunite to find out what is happening. However, he demotes Captain William Decker in order to do so. When they meet the cloud, it abducts the navigator Ilia in order to speak to the crew. It turns out that it is V’Ger, a living machine with an existential crisis. The crew decide to explore V’Ger. What they find out about it will cause one of them to make a sacrifice.

While not a bad movie, it feels too much like an extended TV episode. To be fair, it really was supposed to be the pilot for a new Star Trek series, but had to be retooled as a movie. The story is pretty good, but doesn’t take full advantage of its format. While similar, the mediums of TV and film are a little different in their storytelling techniques, the screenwriter forgot that. Captain Kirk is a little bit of a jerk as he basically usurps Captain Decker’s post. He is able to stay with Ilia in the end. Honolulu Star Trek fans should rent this movie first.

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