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Tricia's retro film review: Some like it Hot

Some Like it Hot (1959)


Some like it Hot is the 1959 comedy starring Marilyn Monroe and directed by Billy Wilder. Joe and Jerry are two musicians down on their luck. They accidentally witness the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and flee disguised as women. They join an all-female band and befriend Sugar Kane and Joe falls in love with her. He decides to woo her as a rich man named Junior. Jerry wins the affections of a real millionaire named Osgood. However, the gangsters come to the hotel they’re playing at. Will Joe and Jerry meet their match?

This is a hilarious comedy with some very sharp writing. It does not let up on the jokes, and the scenarios are amusing. Even the climax is funny as the duo have to flee the gangsters again. Joe’s other disguise may be understandable, as he wants to date Sugar as a man, but feels if he tells the truth she’ll reject him. The ending is memorable as Jerry tells Osgood why he can’t marry him and he rejects them all. Honolulu comedy fans should buy this movie.

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