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Tricia's retro film review: Skyjacked



Skyjacked is the 1972 thriller starring Charlton Heston. He plays Captain Henry O’Hara, whose flight is hijacked by Sgt. Weber, a Vietnam vet who wants to defect to the Soviet Union. They stop at Alaska to get gas and most of the passengers are let go. However, an FBI agent sneaks on board. They fly into the USSR and O’Hara convinces the Russian military that they mean no harm. The plane lands in the Soviet Union. Will Sgt. Weber’s plan work or can Captain O’Hara save the day?

While it’s possible to still have suspense in a low-key drama, Skyjacked botches the job. In fact, it gets pretty boring at times. Not even the interesting cast of characters can save the movie. To be fair, there is some tension as the viewer wonders what will happen to the group once they reach the USSR but it’s not enough. Charlton Heston does a good job with what he has. It’s a shame because the plot is a potentially good one and should have been done well. Honolulu action film fans should watch a different movie.

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