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Tricia's retro film review: Roy Colt and Winchester Jack

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack


Roy Colt and Winchester Jack is the 1970 Italian western comedy directed by Mario Bava. Roy and Jack are partners and friends who often fight. After they break it off, they search for a map that will lead them to gold. Jack falls in love with a woman named Manila. Jack and Roy meet again in Carlton City. Roy becomes the sheriff and Jack works with a former Russian priest only known as “The Reverend.” The duo soon meet up and clash again. But the Reverend plans to double cross them and take all the money. Will the duo stop bickering long enough to stop the fiend?

Think of this spaghetti western as a parody. Fans of the sub-genre will be amused that it was made in Italy. Bava did make a mistake when the Reverend said he wanted to be the pope of Russia. The Russian form of Christianity is Eastern Orthodox and they don’t have a pope, only patriarchs. It doesn’t distract from the movie too much. Luckily, the movie is pretty funny. Roy and Jack’s relationship is your typical manly man friendship in that even though they fight a lot, they would never kill each other. One of the funniest scenes is when Roy becomes the sheriff and tries to rally the townsfolk for a dangerous mission and they all flee. This is an unusual film for Mario Bava, as he usually directs horror films. He turns out to be pretty good at stepping out of his usual genre. In fact, the viewer may wonder how he would have been like if he had directed a dramatic western. Still, it’s a good comedic farce. Honolulu western fans should at least rent this film.

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