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Tricia's retro film review: Ride Him Cowboy

The movie poster.

Ride Him, Cowboy


Ride Him Cowboy is the 1932 western starring John Wayne. He plays cowboy John Durry, who saves the life of a horse named Duke, deemed “dangerous” by the public. He volunteers to go with Henry Simms to find an outlaw named “The Hawk.” Durry soon finds out that Simms is the Hawk. He leaves him to die, but John is able to escape. However, it turns out he only did that in order to frame him. A group of vigilantes decide to try him in court. Can John Durry prove his innocence and bring in the real Hawk?

This is a surprisingly good western that doesn’t feel rushed. In fact, it’s a good candidate for a longer remake. The twist that Simms is the Hawk would have resonated with a Depression-era audience, since the “respected business men” let them down. Modern viewers may be surprised at how short the movie is. Although John Wayne fans will get a kick out of this movie. There is some comedy near the end with the hanging judge who can’t do anything right. Honolulu western fans should watch this movie.

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