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Tricia's retro film review: Raiders of the Seven Seas

Raiders of the Seven Seas


Raiders of the Seven Seas is the 1953 swashbuckling film. Barbarossa is a pirate who has been a thorn in the side of Captain Salcedo. He frees the slaves and in the craziness, captures his fiancée, Alida. He will only give her back if he pays a ransom. However, Barbarossa and Alida find themselves falling in love with each other. He manages to humiliate Salcedo. But he gets his revenge by attacking his camp. Barbarossa frees Alida and plans to confront him in Havana. Can he defeat Salcedo and win over Alida?

The movie is a typical swashbuckler that is watchable, if not unique. Interestingly, even Salcedo’s allies seem not to be too happy with him, establishing him as a truly despicable antagonist. There are a few memorable scenes: such as Barbarossa’s child companion actually killing someone and being shocked about it. It’s rare for an American movie to have a kid kill someone. While it’s a decent movie, it really doesn’t break any new ground. Honolulu action fans should rent this movie first.

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