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Tricia's retro film review: Play It Again, Sam

Play It Again, Sam


Play it Again, Sam is the 1972 comedy film based on the Woody Allen play. Allan Felix is a huge Humphrey Bogart fan, who is also divorced from his wife Nancy. He tries to date other women and is helped out by his friends, married couple Dick and Linda. Allan is also helped out by an imaginary version of Bogart. However, it turns out that the woman he ends up falling in love with is Linda. Will they have a long affair or will they stop themselves in time?

Although it’s a funny movie, Allan is such a neurotic schmuck that the viewer wonders what women ever saw in this guy. At the very least, it’s completely understandable why Nancy divorced the guy. The plot is pretty good though, as it blends Meta genre commentary with a contemporary story about an affair. The Bogart character is idealized, but the viewer has to wonder if a traditionally masculine guy like him really would have tolerated Allan. At least he does the right thing in the end and breaks off the affair. Honolulu Woody Allen fans may like this, everyone else should rent it first.

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