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Tricia's retro film review: Paradise Alley

Paradise Alley


Paradise Alley is the 1978 movie written and directed by Sylvester Stallone. The Carboni brothers, Victor, Lenny, and Cosmo live in Hell’s Kitchen, but want to get out. At first, it doesn’t look like they can earn enough money, but it turns out that Victor has a talent for wrestling. Against the wishes of Lenny, Cosmo decides to make Victor into a wrestling star named Kid Salami. After a rough start, “Kid Salami” becomes big. However, Lenny becomes more heartless as a manager. Cosmo starts to have doubts, especially after he sees a former wrestler commit suicide. Will this career pull the brothers apart?

Sylvester Stallone actually does a pretty good job as a writer and a director. While the plot wanders a bit, the scenes are so entertaining that you don’t mind at all. Interestingly, it’s not Cosmo, the guy who pushes Victor into the ring who becomes corrupt, as what usually happens in these movies, but Lenny. It’s a refreshing twist, as Cosmo has to pull them both out of the fire. Stallone can’t sing, as is shown when he sings the movie’s theme song. Honolulu Sylvester Stallone fans should watch this movie.

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