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Tricia's retro film review: Number Seventeen

Number Seventeen


Number Seventeen is the 1932 thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A group of thieves have stolen a necklace and have hidden it in a house. Detective Barton is on the case, however, the people who live in the area are caught in the conflict. The leader, Sheldrake, who is pretending to be a corpse, takes the necklace and his gang hitches a ride on a train that is headed to Germany. Barton chases them on a bus. Can he recover the necklace and catch the thieves?

A word of warning to anybody who buys this film: stick with the Canal+ version as the others are poor in quality. That being said, it really isn’t one of his best movies. While the plot is something Hitchcock would do, he is still a novice director at the time, so most of his trademark flourishes aren’t there. The only really memorable scenes are when Barton chases the train bound thieves by bus. Unfortunately, some viewers may think it’s cheesy, since they use small scale models. Honolulu Hitchcock fans should rent this movie first.

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