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Tricia's retro film review: Night of the Cobra Woman

Night of the Cobra Woman


Night of the Cobra Woman is the 1972 B-horror film. Lena is a nurse who is bitten by a cobra and is cursed to become one herself. She meets with a man named Duff, who came to the Philippines to see his girlfriend, Joanna. It doesn’t stop him from cheating on her with Lena. However, he grows old and only Movini’s venom can halt it. Meanwhile, Joanna is testing the venom in her lab and witnesses the results. Duff and Lena have to work together to prevent her transformation. What happens when Joanna finds out?

While the movie isn’t very good, the viewer does end up feeling sorry for Lena. At first, you think she’s going to be the predatory evil minority character, but you find out she’s gone through so much pain under the curse that you can’t hate her. It’s a nice touch that she mentions Damballah, the snake lwa from Voudou during her memorable plea to him. The viewer also has to feel sorry for Joanna, since her boyfriend is cheating on her. Honolulu horror fans should rent this film first.

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