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Tricia's retro film review: Mystery of the 13th Guest

Mystery of the 13th Guest


Mystery of the 13th Guest is the 1943 mystery film. Marie Morgan receives a letter from her grandfather which must only be opened on her 21st birthday. When she arrives at the house, it seems she gets killed. Lt. Burke and P.I. Smith are assigned the case only to find out that the real Marie is alive. They soon have to deal with her money hunger family who all have reasons to kill her. However, the killer plans to correct his mistake by luring Marie back to the house. Will he succeed this time?

While it’s not very original, it is an entertaining little mystery. In fact, it should have been longer, although it’s not hampered by its short length. The viewer does have to feel sorry for Marie as she has to put up with her greedy family who would all murder each other if they could. It’s amazing that she still has some goodness left. The mystery is fair and the twists are logical enough. “Marie’s” narration about her past is a little unique in that when she names everybody, you see them, quickly introducing everybody. It’s a relief that it turns out that it was a double that was killed because if it had actually been her, the villain would have won a partial victory even if they were caught. The bungling police officer is kind of funny, but if it had been a film nor or a more cynical mystery he would have been killed pretty quickly. Marie’s and Johnny’s romance appears out of the blue in the end. It would have been better if they had the time to develop it. Despite not being original, it’s still exciting and interesting. Honolulu mystery film fans should watch it.

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