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Tricia's retro film review: MASH



MASH is the 1970 comedy directed by Robert Altman. Captains Hawkeye Pierce and Duke Forrest are Mobile Army Surgical Hospital doctors. They also have a maverick streak. They frequently clash heads with Frank Burns and Major “Hot Lips” Houlihan, who is big on strict military protocol. The duo continue to get into crazy shenanigans: such as helping a suicidal man, playing pranks on Major Houlihan and facing the 325th Evac team in a football game.

This is a really good black comedy. Fans of the TV series may be a little disoriented by the fact that different actors are playing old favorites. It’s also a case where changing things from the book was a good thing, since the original story was quite racist and sexist. There are a lot of funny moments, including how “Hot Lips” got her nickname. While the movie is a little edgier than the TV show, it’s not that big of a difference. Honolulu MASH fans should watch this movie.

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