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Tricia's retro film review: Man Hunt

Man Hunt


Man Hunt is the 1941 film directed by Fritz Lang. Captain Alan Thorndike has failed to assassinate Adolf Hitler and is captured. The Nazis try to kill him, but he survives and flees to England. The Germans follow him in order to send him back to Germany in order to punish him. He has to stay on the lam, but finds an ally in Jerry, a young woman who falls in love with him. Alan decides to escape to Africa, but the Nazis catch up to him and he has to hide in a cave. Can he and Jerry escape the Nazis?

This is a pretty good suspense film that has some personal meaning for the director. Fritz Lang had to leave Germany because of the Nazi’s rise to power, so him directing a film where someone tries to shoot Hitler isn’t surprising. It has a nice suspenseful aura that is broken up with some humorous moments. Some viewers will be annoyed that Jerry was killed, just to give Thorndike a stronger reason to fight the Nazis. Despite that, it’s a good thriller. Honolulu film fans should watch this film.

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